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To what extent are the Sukama leading a traditional way of life?

-- Stephen Meade (, November 14, 1998


I would have loved to respond to your question with more knowledge and clarity had I figured exactly what you are looking for. Yes, the Basukuma people lead a traditional lifestyle, now to what extent, that depends on the observer as he or she travels and watches them from village to village or town to town where they live. Lifestyles range from simple to advanced in their own Sukuma ways. However, generally speaking, there is a common thread among them in that, they love to dance and joke and excercise hospitality to guests and strangers. A Msukuma who has been in the West or in big cities will differ greatly from a Msukuma who has never been out of his or her village both in understanding the world and lifestyle. Which means one can't make a general and sweeping statement on the Basukuma lifestyle.

-- Bela B. Kalumbete (, April 01, 2001.

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