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i have a video capture card that has s-video in and out and composite video in and out. it seems that s-video only capture video but not the sound. How can i make mpeg file from VHS by capuring picture along with sound? do i need to record sound separately and combine the two together or what?

-- david do (, November 13, 1998


Response to capture vieo with sound?

I can't say I'm an expert in the topic, but from what I've read, most low end (sub $1000) video capture boards do not capture audio; you need to record audio with your sound board. However, most video capture packages' software will facilitate sound recording along with (visual) video, and will sync the audio tracks and video tracks if they aren't recorded as such.

-- Jonathan Bakke (, November 22, 1998.

Response to capture vieo with sound?

An S-Video connection is for video only. You use it in conjunction with your RCA audio connections. This way you get the best video capture, and your sync audio too. It's easy to get confused, like you I originally thought s-video connections were for video and audio.

-- Kino (, December 25, 1998.

it is true that s video is not a good option. it will capture only video not sound. rca is a better option. but what type of software u r uising it is also important. i suggest dazzel software.

-- sanjay (, November 26, 2001.

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