% of Companies, by country, to have mission-critical failures

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I just saw an article a few minutes ago that has *specific* info on Y2K failure rates country by country. It's from a recent GartnerGroup report.

Here's a quick summary. This is the percentage of companies by nation that will experience a mission-critical IT failure.

Level 1 (15%): Australia, Belgium, Bermuda, Canada, Denmark, Holland, Ireland, Israel, Switzerland, Sweden, U.K., U.S.

Level 2 (33%): Brazil, France, Mexico, South Korea

Level 3 (50%): Germany, Japan, Kuwait, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

Level 4 (66%): China, Russia

-- Kevin (mixesmusic@worldnet.att.net), November 13, 1998


Forgot to include the link. You can see the complete list of countries at:


-- Kevin (mixesmusic@worldnet.att.net), November 13, 1998.

Thanks for the link, Kevin!

If there are any out there who still don't think this will be a global crisis, this might be the tidbit that opens their eyes.

-- Arewyn (nordic@northnet.net), November 15, 1998.

How can this kind of business failure not lead to HUGE problems? I heard today on the news that many Asian countries already have 50% business failures. These populations have been promised that their turn is coming to have wealth like ours, but it's drying up before their eyes. I wouldn't want to be overseas when TSHTF 8-(

-- Tricia the Canuck (jayles@telusplanet.net), November 16, 1998.

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