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I am just getting back into model railroading after a hiatus of 15 years (been in mental institution, but I am much better now -- honest -- just don't tell me where you live, etc.). I just got Digitrax Chief and love it!

What can you tell me about the sound things? I have checked out Soundtraxx on the web and listened to their sound samples. Are there any articles comparing the sound systems? How do DCC things sound installed in cars or locos compared to centralized systems?

Does anyone have experience with the "clickity-clack, wheel screech" unit that goes in a box car in the middle of the train? What I have heard is that it is pretty neat, but it is only on or off. I would like to see one that responds to the throttle and turns on or off as well as the clickety clack getting faster with higher throttle speeds, etc.

Thanks for any input,

Paul Glanville

-- Paul Glanville (, November 13, 1998



Sound with DCC is pretty much a soundtrax installation. Using DCC and having sound can be many other connections. The under the table sounds do have a greater quality - but for my measure - I prefer the sound to follow the engine around. The quality can be perfromed by using the oval speakers (AS LARGE AS CAN FIT). How you mount the speakers make a difference as well. I build a spacer that allows the cone to be away from the bottom so that the vibrating cone doesn't smudge out on the bottom. If you seal the back side in a box like affair, you can also get better sound. With the small speakers, the limits of quality are restrictive - but I still prefer the sound to be with the engine. I haven't used the little follow around units like you mentioned - so I can't discuss them. I've visited with those who have a large speaker system under the layout and I generally think they tend to be distracting for me. Get around to one of the shows and experience the differences and choose for you self. -ed mccamey-

-- Ed McCamey (, November 23, 1998.

there is a new sound system comong out from soundtraxx called suroundtraxx. check through their web( or call them. this new system will you to have speakers under the table and in the engine and the sound will move with the engine. this is somewhat of a combination of both of their sound systems. i have been installing soundtraxx for people in st.louis for about 4 years and am very happy with the product and people. they soon will be releasing enhansed decoders with more features look for these.

-- brian post (SERVICE@AMERICOM-IMAGING.COM), January 04, 2003.

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