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Fox 8 Cleveland is scheduling a Y2K report for 1700 tonight 11/13/1998. I'll try to have it on and report.


-- Chuck a Night Driver (rienzoo@en.com), November 13, 1998


this looks to be the start of a GOOD overview for the un-initiated. It is reasonably balanced, though leans slightly toward the, not quite sensationalist, negative outcomes. Though, this may end up being optimistic, after all.

Attached is a copy of my e-mail grade::

Congratulations on a balanced approach to Y2K!! It's nice to see realism in journalism.

However, you only get a B+ for the 5 PM report (hospitals).

the reason I didn't think it was an A effort is the couple of quibbles I have:

1) The reference to VCR's and Microwaves is really an urban legend. As it stands, there are, to my knowledge, no YEAR aware VCR's or Microwaves. the VCR's are date aware but are not either leap year or year aware. You can manipulate them so that the date ends up on any day so this is not a problem

2) It isn't the CHIP that is at fault, as you are WELL aware, it's how we store the date.

Other than these MINOR quibbles, I liked the start. I truly hope that it is just a start and that you will be looking into things like:

the Domino Effect of the interlinking of our systems and infrastructure;

the condition of our Power Systems, Water Systems, Gas Systems, etc.

the "Joane Effect" which is the inability of some computer systems to look ahead as the corporate fiscal year rolls over in 1999.

What a family ought to be doing to minimize the effects (Storing 3-6 weeks of food, water, heat source, money etc. as a minimum).

On the off chance you have not found the attached websites, I have included links to the Westergard Site, the Cassandra Project and Cory Hamasaki's writings, Ed Yourdon's home page and his BBS. I strongly recommend Cory Hamasaki and Ed Yourdon. Ed is truly the FATHER of structured coding and has had probably the largest impact for 1 man in the history of corporate computing, and Cory is a true coding "geek" (his term).

All in all, thanks for a good START!!!! Hopefully, this series will cause the people of Cleveland and Northeast Ohio to start to prepare for what may not be a really fun time.


-- Chuck a Night Driver (rienzoo@en.com), November 13, 1998.

you go guy!!!

-- deborah cunningham (dac@ccrtc.com), November 13, 1998.

Great Job Chuck., Lets HOPE they follow thru on this. Goodness Knows we NEED IT.

-- consmer alert (private@aol.com), November 13, 1998.

Chuck Thanks! I watched it also and was surprised at the candor. I've been "lurking" (but didn't know there was a name for it) for sometime now trying to find information about the Cleveland area. Appreciate your post. Max

-- Max (xam01@aol.com), November 14, 1998.

Chuck, thanks. I, too, have been lurking in the shadows...kinda nice to know there's at least 3 of us in the greater cleveland area.

-- Christine (a@newbie.com), November 14, 1998.

I am not from Cleveland, but I have a niece who is in the Cleveland area. Recently she became (finally) Y2K aware and in a flash started preparations with her family. She e-mailed me her evaluation of the TV program and her comments dove tailed yours Chuck. However, she added that she received the impression that one should definitely not schedule to be in a hospital 01/00!

-- JoB (jbabinsky@theriver.com), November 15, 1998.

Here's another 'mostly lurker' in the eastern Cleveland area!

-- susan hakala (smhakala@aol.com), November 18, 1998.

OKay,,,,for "us" clevelander's how about this...Have any of "us " checked to see where we stand as a city? Chuck, Lurkers, anyone? I for one would love to know if our mayor is doing anything beside trying to balance city vs. school.? I'm sure he doesnt have much time remaining. BTW. are you guys aware we are in the 120 cities who have ALREADY received the grant money to start the "emergency civil plans"? Do we know what exactly this means? I for one dont really understand it. Chuck, I hate to pick on you, but do you know?

-- consumer alert (private@aol.com), November 18, 1998.

Well, I haven't taken the time to really hit up my friends, but I can say a LITTLE at this point:

1) Being on the 120 city list for training grants is NOT a NWO type problem. These cities are chosen for their target rich environment for terr's. As you are WELL aware, we have a fairly large contingent of Federal offices here including but not limited to things like the Navy Finance Center, where all of the Navy's paychecks are written, and an IRS center, a Federal Court, (with the attendant Fed. Marshals, etc), as well as a number of DOD contracting companies in and around the city, including both weapons systems, and Star Wars type contractors. We are also one of the 75 largest cities, and have a lot of public facilities, etc, so we are a defintiely target rich area.

2) this grant program is designed to teach our EMS, Fire, and PD, and Hospitals how to handle Chem and Bio hazard terrorist strikes. PERIOD.

3) there is also funding for a stockpile of some number (too small of course) of antidote doses for the typical Bio attack weapons.

As far as city/county preps for Y2K go, I have had chatting with a couple of people on my list for a while and I guess I'll just bump it up in priority.


-- Chuck, a night driver (rienzoo@en.com), November 18, 1998.

Thank You Chuck. I wasnt sure what the 120 city thing meant though I have heard it mentioned in different threads here. I forgot about the Navy Finance Center (silly me my hubby is ex navy and has spent much time there) . I havent really spoken to "any" about contigency here. I am guessing there is none. It is sad, but I think we are pretty much on our own here. But on the "up side" not really cuz it appears that many cities are NOT doing much either. Now, what about that snow suit? LOL thanks again chuck

-- consumer alert (private@aol.com), November 18, 1998.

Chuck, you said, "2) this grant program is designed to teach our EMS, Fire, and PD, and Hospitals how to handle Chem and Bio hazard terrorist strikes. PERIOD."

Then why does the military come in and go through "taking over the city" maneuvers?

-- Gayla Dunbar (privacy@please.com), November 18, 1998.


I'm not sure that the two are connected. i have talked to some of the folks involved in the training in Columbus who were pretty sobered by it all, and indicated that the mil presence would be only on request of teh emergency services people and they would be used by the local people as consultants. As well as handling the stuff that they have greater expertise with, of course. I have talked to one of the docs who is doing this particular training around the country (both civ and mil) and he's just doing the medical realities, and the treatment realities of the mass casualty stuff. I happen to know this particular doc, as i met him roughly 30 days after he hung up his turnout gear and traded it for an intern's white coat. I've watched him go from an intern (fairly precocious, as a matter of fact) through residency (in Emerg Medicine), to Chief of Residents in the hospital he finished up in, to chief flight surgeon for LifeFlight, here in Cleveland, which happens to be either # 1 or #2 in flight volume in the country, depending on the week you look. JD is so dam* good, he's scary!! He's also VERY up front about anything I ask him.


-- Chuck a Night Driver (rienzoo@en.com), November 19, 1998.

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