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I have found this to be a great source of information. Today has many good articles and computer weekly has 12 or so. Believe me, it is worth the time to fill out the free registration. It is nice to read that there are really people out there who are talking about the problem in the media. Whenever I begin to feel that I am trying to function in some kind of void, I go to this sight. If you haven't done so yet, try it out.

-- Mike Lang (, November 12, 1998


This is my favorite. Easy archives!

-- Leska (, November 12, 1998.


I use "Year 2000 Press Clippings" a lot. Gary North's site too, of course. Lately I've been going to "Sanger's Review of Y2K News Reports" quite a bit. Sanger's is at:

-- Kevin (, November 13, 1998.

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