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ahoy... I've played quite a few games now, and find (most) the new rules to be an improvement, altho I'm having some trouble with the close combat rules. Anyone got a reasonable way to handle combat involing multiple squads/characters? Also, I play a Chaos army, and am going to be going over the codex and rules and work on a more complete codex. I'm going to be converting the Special Characters to the new system, look at adding things such as marks to normal troops/chars, fleshing out the Demons entry, etc... if anyone has any feedback or ideas on this, I'd appreciate it.. and no, I'm not cheesy, and i'll have complete consent of other army players with this, to get a better rounded feel... thanks

-- Talon (, November 12, 1998


I think that expanding the chaos codex is great, the new upcomming codex also needs a bit sprucing up if you ask me. Well I think that maybe you could take some of the states for demons from WARHAMMER and convert them to work for 40k Chaos. as for special Characters, Hows about this: Espaculas- a chaos nurgle Lord Equiped with terminator armor, lightning claw and a plasma pistol. ws 6 bs 5 str 4 tuf 6 ini 10 ld 10 amour 2+/4+ invunerable. has mark of nurgle and any plage marines in 12 inches can re check failed moral checks. Pts: 260

-- Justin Da traitor (, February 09, 1999.

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