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I think we all realise now that the 80% capacity rule announced by the provincial government on November 8 refers only to the maintenance budget. Nothing has changed about school closures. We still get no funds for new schools unless we reach 100% capacity before the end of this December. The one year delay only means that if we don't make it by the end of this year we still have to do it by the end of next year. Our board (Upper Canada District School Board editor's note: the amalgam of Lanark, Leeds, Grenville, and about a dozen other counties stretching from Renfrew to Cornwall) has announced that nothing has changed, the meetings will continue and schools will still have to close if we want new schools built. So I ask you all where do we go from here? What's the game plan?

How do we get back in the media? I can't find anything at all in the newspaper today about school closings.

Can we agree that 100% capacity is impossible and that we need a more realistic percentage factor to work with. If we could agree on a reasonable formula perhaps we could use these numbers to present to our respective boards, councils, trustees, media, MPP's, the OFA etc. The internet could be a powerful tool if we use it properly.

Trustees might be the best informed on this list to get the ball rolling. I hesitate to put forward any numbers because I don't know enough facts.

-- Anonymous, November 11, 1998


I think Howard Middleton's concern is well placed. Our initial jubilation that the provincial government had backed off on school closures and announced a one year delay now appears wrong.

The Ottawa-Carleton District School Board appears ready to press ahead with the process. Board staff are to present recommendations to the Board on November 23 based on the reports of the Community Working Groups. In the absence of any clear statement from the province that the process of identifying and declaring surplus space is to be delayed, I am afraid that the Board will opt to continue and at least try to close those schools suggested by the working groups.

The initial reaction by the Director of Education and the Board Chair to the provincial government's November 8th announcement appears to bear this out. They expect to decide to close at least "four or five" schools in the urban core before the end of this December.

-- Anonymous, November 11, 1998

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