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Paragraph on William Glasser's Book

-- Anonymous, November 11, 1998


Debbie Berntson - Reaction to The Quality School

The ideas contained in The Quality School left me with the question, 3Where would we even start?2 If I consider the author9s views as a whole, they seem idealistic. This is not to mean that Glasser9s concepts would be impossible to implement.

When Julio Almanza spoke to our Cohort, he stressed to consider those factors, in teaching, of which we have control. As I thought of this statement, I had to separate what I felt of value in this book and what was essentially out of my control.

As teachers, we do not have control over a student9s home life. We also do not have control over our governor, legislature, school board or administrators. To implement Glasser9s 3quality school2 concepts, there would have to be a tremendous shift in thinking.

In order to find value in this reading, I needed to extract ideas useful for me. The control I have is in how I relate to students and the methods I use to teach them. The follow are just a couple of examples of ideas I found helpful:

-- Anonymous, January 01, 1999

Right on Deb! All we can ever do is try to take what is meaningful- and "do-able". I think you hit some very good points. Lucky the studetns who have you!

-- Anonymous, January 03, 1999

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