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Dianne Hedburg's contract for grade proposal

-- Anonymous, November 11, 1998


For Contract B Proposal I attended a conference on shared decision making in October. I will write a paper evaluating the workshop and what it means to educators in the classroom. For Contract A Proprosal I am currently involved with the local township recreation committee. We applied for and have received a grant from the MN DNR as well as St. Louis County. The township is developing a recreation center next to the school that I teach at. The grant includes adding to the existing playground as well as adding a soccer field and improving the current baseball and soccer fields. I will document the progress of the committee as well as my own personal committment to the program.

Answered by Dianne Hedburg ( on November 08, 1998.

-- Anonymous, November 11, 1998

Right now the playground is still in the working stages. In October I was in charge of the fundraiser at the school. The kids sold products from a Minnesota fundraising company. We made a total of about $3,5000.00. With the money we had left in our account from the previous fundraising will allow us to purchase the additional playground equipment and install it this summer. Last year the recreational committee from Canosia Township was awarded a grant which will match funds that we make and put into the recreational center. I have been part of this group for the past three years and I am proud of what we have been able to accomplish.

-- Anonymous, February 01, 1999

For my grade for this semester I would like to read a book and write a report on that book. I have also been a basketball coach for my son's team. It is a team made up of first and second graders I would like to write about the experience.

-- Anonymous, February 16, 1999

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