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This is my personal information page.

-- Anonymous, November 11, 1998


I am 27 years old and live in Duluth with my wife Pauline, my daughter Rosalie and my two dogs Luka and Cinder. For the past three years I have gone to great lengths to teach secondary English (MN to CA). After spending the last year in California, my least favorite state, I decided to come back to my native MN and work in the family business (educational consulting) and go to school full time.

My current job takes me all over the state and sometimes across the country. I am learning a lot of things that I never would have in the classroom. I am intrigued by complexities of public school administration. My experiences as a teacher and as a consultant will lead me, hopefully, to a Principalship somewhere down the road.

My wife is originally from Utah. She is one of the few (and proud) Catholic Utahns known to man. She is a singer/songwriter and is working hard to make money playing music. She plays with a local bluegrass band, Grassfire, and does solo shows of her own original songs.

My daughter is 18 months old and is walking, talking and breaking CD players (and as many other expensive household appliances she can get her hands on). She loves popcorn and singing songs with her mom. She thinks she's the boss of the dogs.

Luka, is a Border Collie mix and Cinder is a Husky/German Shepherd mix. I struggle daily to keep them from escaping the makeshift fence I have created in the backyard. I'm about ready to buy a b-b gun and post myself at the kitchen window, even if it doesn't work it will be satisfying.

Aside from working I enjoy outdoor pursuits such as skiing, camping, rock climbing and anything else modestly adventurous. Winter camping anyone?

-- Anonymous, November 11, 1998

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