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Images from A Temple Wall in Saqqara, Egypt

"What do you see in this painting from Ancient Egypt? Who is receiving the offerings? See below for more, including the most recent up-dates..."

Interesting images in Egypt. Theres lots more. I especially love the ones up high on the temple walls at Karnak that show helicopters. Y2K sure looks like its going to get interesting before were beyond 2000.


-- Diane J. Squire (, November 11, 1998


Diane, it's amazing sometimes how individuals find themselves on similar paths. I've been looking into these things as well!

Mike =====================================================================

-- Michael Taylor (, November 11, 1998.

Hello Diane,your message is very true and the handwriting is "on the wall". Perhaps you saw the movie "Stargate" ? What did RA come down in? And those Pyramids of Egypt were covered by ceramic tiles when constructed long ago. Very similiar to the ceramic tiles on the Shuttle Craft of NASA's. It's unfortunate that the Egyptians were only caretakers of the Pyramids.

-- Furie (, November 12, 1998.

You've probably been at this site already, Diane, but here's a Hall Of Recordslink you might want to follow. The site has a lot of great links of its own, too.

Anyone else as fascinated by 1.618034 as I am?

-- Kevin (, November 12, 1998.

Let's try that again. Here is the Hall Of Records link.

-- Kevin (, November 12, 1998.

I guessed this was from you.

-- Richard Dale (, November 12, 1998.


-- Tom Carey (, November 12, 1998.


I know about the site, thanks. When you post a link could you please also post the URL as well? Otherwise the link appears in a "tiny" little window on Ed's site and I'd rather view a bigger window.



-- Diane J. Squire (, November 12, 1998.


It's an ancient message from people way older than me. There are lots of similar and more wonderful "messages" all over this planet.


-- Diane J. Squire (, November 12, 1998.

The lower image brought this episode to mind.

In Michael Harner's book, The Way of the Shaman, he describes his first serious experience with ayahuasca, among the Conibo people in the Amazon jungle. His account is too long to quote here (fair use or not!) so I'll summarize.

In the most frightening part of it he encountered some very large beings that seemed to him somehow reptilian, who emerged from his own consciousness in some way. They told him they originally came to Earth from outer space, in flight from some enemy, and created all the life here. They hid themselves from that enemy within the bodies of the creatures they had made. "We are the masters, you are the servants," they told him.

A few days later he was telling a blind native shaman about this experience. When Harner got to the part about masters and servants, the old shaman said, "Oh, they're always saying that. They're only the Masters of the Outer Darkness."

I know of no guarantee that non-humans have to tell the truth.

-- Tom Carey (, November 12, 1998.

Diane, this is a y2k forum. Sooner or later aliens will show themselves (to me or to everyone). I don't particularly want to see them. Ancient designs on walls may be visions of the future as opposed to recordings made at the time.

-- Richard Dale (, November 13, 1998.

You're right, this is WAY off topic.

I'm still glad that image was made available.

-- Tom Carey (, November 14, 1998.

There is another set of hieroglyphs, located on the temple walls of Abydos in Egypt (not Karnak). The ones with the helicopter and one that looks like a stealth bomber to me. They most definitely are there. I have friends who have seen it. The Egyptians created their glyphs so that things pertaining to the past were on the lower parts of the walls, their present was in the middle sections, and the future was way at the top.

By the way, Kevin. Im not sure about the organizers of this Hall of Records site. Something doesnt seem quite right to me. FOL doesnt know about them, checking other sources. I do, however know about those pictures.

And, you never know what has Y2K relevance.


-- Diane J. Squire (, November 14, 1998.


Your tip/concern about the organizers of the Hall Of Records link is appreciated. That's the problem with the "archeology/U.F.O." subject. I know enough that I shouldn't be surprised by ANYTHING that happens in the next few years.

On the other hand, if something does happen, can it be taken at face value? Who's behind it? Are they self-serving?

What Tom Carey said makes a lot of sense to me.

-- Kevin (, November 15, 1998.

There's an Associated Press story out on the Great Pyramid. Thirty feet of its height has been lost over the years due to erosion and will be temporarily capped in a ceremony in December of 1999.

The pyramid will also be reopened to the public on February 15, 1999 after being closed almost a year for restoration. The title of the article is "Great Pyramid to Get Gold Apex." Here's the link: idx.html

-- Kevin (, November 16, 1998.

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