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-- Anonymous, November 11, 1998


I teach MSMI (moderate to severely mentally impaired) students at Ordean Middle School in Duluth. Currently I teach 5 students with IQ's below 50. We work on a lot of functional living/safety skills.

The address for Ordean is: 301 N. 40th Ave. E., Duluth, MN 55804. The phone number is: 525-0810. I don't have the FAX with me right now.

I think that I'd like to pursue a topic related to special education in some way. I've thought of: technology, assistive technology, parental outlooks for their children's future, "mainstream" attitudes towards MSMI students, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. I hope that there's someone who would like to brainstorm on some possibilities next week!

-- Anonymous, November 11, 1998

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