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-- Anonymous, November 11, 1998


Glasser Response

While reading Glasser9s Quality School I couldn9t help agree with a lot of his ideas. When I look back on my own educational experience, I know that the quality of my work was far better for the teachers I cared about and for the teachers that took the time to get to know me. In 1990-91 I served on staff development. During that time we jumped on the OBE bandwagon. Johnson City Schools came out to train us. They believed strongly in Glasser and a lot of the practices they implemented were from Glasser. The most exciting part of that training was the enthusiasm of the teachers. They felt empowered and they were excited about teaching. Even the veteran teachers were excited about implementing new practices into their classrooms. Although OBE has disappeared from the classroom I think a lot of Glasser9s theories are still being used. I think the biggest road block to using the methods is changing the system from the top down. School boards and superintendents have to listen to the teachers and identify their needs. However, they are restricted to following state guidelines that our made from non educators. I think we need to communicate our needs better to the legislature as well as the students needs. If you look at the model of shared decision making I think some of the principles are loosely based on lead management vs. boss management. Unfortunately, I tend to think that it is just the bosses that our changing. Its ironic that on the radio this morning they were discussing that the truly successful companies in Minnesota today are companies where management asks the workers what they need and then provide the necessary tools. Sounds like Glasser to me. I know that I can9t change everything in the district that I work in but I9m able to implement some of Glasser9s more practical suggestions in my classroom.

-- Anonymous, January 19, 1999

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