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My proposal here.

-- Anonymous, November 11, 1998


To receive a "B" I plan on participating in a seminar entitled "Grantsmanship for Beginners" which is sponsored by the Minnesota Council on Foundations. I will be attending this seminar on December 8, 1998 for one day.

At this seminar we will (according to the program brochure)...

-Closely examine the most commonly used grantmaker directories to assist fund raisers inidentifying potential funders in a more informed and well researched manner.

-Review the proposal development process by highlighting the key elements of a grant proposal, including development of the budget.

-Provide a panel discussion with varioous Minnesota grantmakers to learn more about their proposal review and decision-making processes.

By attending this seminar I hope to acquire some valuable and important information to help form my skills and knowledge base sufficiently enough to enable me to start writing grants for various work-related projects.

After attending this seminar I plan to post my reflections and observations about it on this discussion page. I would also be willing to put together what I have learned into a brief report that could be shared with the members of my Cohort.

For the "A" requirement I plan to participate and help to facilitate the Lake Superior School District bond election process (they want to build a new high school in Two Harbors) this winter. I have been actively involved with the facilities steering committee and have written a series of articles for the Lake County Chronicle on the meetings. I will continue writing for the newspaper. I will also be giving talks to staff and students about the bond issue as well as working very closely with the bond election consultant that the District has hired. I am currently an Administrative Intern for Supt. Avelsgaard.

Throughout the bond election process I will be keeping a journal that highlights and records the process as it happens. I also plan on developing a workable bond election outline that could be given to other districts planning a bond election. I will be available to present a Power Point presentation to the Cohort if anyone is at all interested in the process.

I hope that these activities will be enough for me to receive an "A" for the 1998-99 school year

-- Anonymous, November 11, 1998

For Spring Quarter my contract for grade will be as follows (if satisfactory):

For a "B"...

I plan on reading the text, "On Writing Well" by william Zinsser, a guide to writing non-fiction. I will then write up a short paper reflecting on the book and how I feel it relates to me in a professional and academic sense.

For an "A"...

I would like to spend a half hour presenting to the cohort group on my area of expertise, which is bond referendum elections. I will talk about the ways a bond referendum election should be run and discuss the role that teacher scan and shuold play in the process. I will use the Bond Election Guide that I created for my "A" grade for Fall and Winter Quarters.

-- Anonymous, March 25, 1999

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