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A description aboot how it works? Cost? Quality/

-- damitha adikaari (adikaari@hotmail.com), November 11, 1998


VCD (or video cd) is form of video playing using CD's. 1 cd can hold about 1 hour of film, and so 2 or more cd's are often required. It's cheaper then VHS for importing films. Realy it just a novilty but I like it. You can also get VCD's at the same time as they come out in the cinima. But be careful some times these are low quality, ileagal pirates! I'm English and 'The Exorsit' has been baned over here for 25 years and has just come out (after alotof censoring)in the cinima. It will not be released on video over here. But I got hold of an uncensord VCD copy. If you want more info go to yahoo.com and type in Video cd. You will get 2 results. This site and another above. Click the above. Full VCD details and price estimates. My player is built into my Sega Saturn and including the console cost it was #90 (about $120). VCD's can cost anything from #15-#30 (about $17-$40) The Exorist was #20 and Titanic was #30.

-- Jonathan Dale (JMDLORD@aol.com), November 15, 1998.

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