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New Hampshire appears to be joining Maine with a push towards independent audit and verification of Y2K remediation:

Let's keep this train rolling!


-- Arnie Rimmer (, November 10, 1998


First, Maine ... then, New Hampshire ...

Does this contagion require geographical proximity? At this rate, how long 'til California?

-- No Spam Please (, November 11, 1998.

I was sorta hopin that the train would pick up more momentum as it rolled through the midwest. If it passes through Iowa, I'll run out and help push real hard, maybe even hard enough to get it up over the Rockies. If so, it's all downhill from there. Just remember as it comes whistling into California that you'll need to give it one more good push out over the water, lest Hawaii be forgotten...

-- Arnie Rimmer (, November 12, 1998.

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