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I had my gall-bladder removed last week, and it took a while before I could sit up at the computer. I almost forgot about y2k...not! Actually, it never left my mind while I was in the hospital. Sooo many things we take for granted. When I first became Y2eduKated, I thought of how frightening it would be if there were no hospitals, for OTHER PEOPLE, but never for my young healthy self. Then 2 months ago, I thought I was having a heart-attack. Well, it turned out to be "just" my gall-bladder, but it wouldn't be insignificant if there was no way of having surgery. I began to think of the people that lived 100 years ago, and how they would've just had to keep on working in the fields or canning food and churning butter etc. in pain. Well, heck, forget 100 years ago, what about third world countries today?! We don't even now how rich and blessed we are! Thanks for noticing me, madeline

-- madeline (, November 10, 1998


You're welcome. Glad you are OK. Here is something I received from Karen Anderson (Y2K for women.) It is a Y2K checklist. It also includes room for adding your own personal items. It is 33 pages if you want to print it out, but well worth it IMO:

-- Gayla Dunbar (, November 10, 1998.

Generally, it's best to leave this world with everything that you started with - but if you have to depart with fewer parts and pieces, I guess the gall bladder is a minor thing .... better than the alternative. 8<)

Good luck recovering.

-- Tom Cook (Kennesaw, GA) (, November 10, 1998.

thanks for the info Gayla, and to Tom for the well wishes. I feel much better than before the surgery!

-- madeline (, November 12, 1998.

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