1998 Santa Con in NYC - need info

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Where (which hotel) will the Santa Con be? How can I get more information about the event? Will Frosty the Snowman be there too?

-- Erin Watson (snookiewookums@juno.com), November 10, 1998


A few of you guys have been asking about this. The Secret Santa list has been active for over a year now and it is a low-volume, announcement only email list. Basically any Santarchy news that I receive is forwarded to the list, especially if it concerns Santacon activity in various cities. This year there are around 9 cities around the country planning some kind of naughty Kringle activity.

Here's the url to subscribe:



To join, send an email to majordomo@hyperreal.org with "subscribe santa" (without the quotes) in the body of your email

You'd Better Watch Out,

Santa Squid

-- Scott Beale (santasquid@laughingsquid.com), November 21, 1998.

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