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I am wonderring if anyone out there has any of the OLD plastic beak marines ( MARK VI ) from the OLD ten or thirty boxed sets, as I am looking for more. I currently have 20, and need some more to round our some of my squads. Willing to pay for shipping and handling and marines, of course. I would prefer them unpainted, if possible.

I also was wondering about rules for Pit Fighters in Warhammer Quest. I feel that $20 is a bit much for one miniature and a few sheets of paper.

If anyone could help me out with either of these, I would be greatly obliged.

thanx, shaw.

-- Jason Shaw (, November 09, 1998


I don't have any, but their known as "Womble Marines"

-- Heeden (, November 17, 1998.

I have over 100 of the beaked mk VI marines. But they are all painted sorry.

-- Chester J. Q-Cumber (, March 08, 1999.

why do they call them womble marines?

-- (, March 09, 1999.

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