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Off The Record, Y2K & Silicon Valley

I have some very interesting neighbors nearby. One, of many, is a top executive with a rather large Silicon Valley older high-technology company.

In a chat he mentioned he heads the Y2K effort within their company and they have quite an internal effort going on, including staying on top of all their suppliers Y2K efforts. He had their people test the computer systems three times. Once, they passed fine. Twice, they passed fine. Third time, it went down. Said hes replaced a lot of equipment because it was cheaper than remediation.

His concern for the Valley is the smaller companies. And they are involved in an effort to help the smaller ones get ready. Also that Europe is behind, and Asia is further behind than that. His job is to make sure that his company is Y2K ready. As are other big guys in the Valley. Said its not his job to see that someone can phone in or that the lights are on. He feels that there will be brown-outs in the power grid, locally, but does not see major population dislocations. He does not plan to move to Montana or any other remote location. (Might go there for fishing, though).

Will he fly in an airplane around 2000? No.


-- Diane J. Squire (, November 09, 1998


He is right on target with my thoughts about your neck of the woods Diane. And pretty much on target with everything else.

-- Paul Davis (, November 09, 1998.

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