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Erin Marsman Utne Reader Response

I read the article titled ^SThe Way of the Hypocrite^T. The article was about adultery ^S the upside^T, ^Show to make adultery work-for all of us^T. These little phrases caught my attention. One of the men quoted in the article believed that you shouldn^Rt tell and people shouldn^Rt ask about affairs even to their significant other. He said that it^Rs a reality that people commit adultery and that it is better for all involved if the couples stay together for a variety of reasons. My belief would be aren^Rt those reasons you should stay together and not tell also the reasons why you should not commit adultery in the first place so that your marriage will stay together? I have a hard time with this writers point of view. The article discussed how society used to try to cover up affairs but now it seems that every one is having one. It stated that society is getting desensitized to the idea of adultery. I agree. There is no consequence for having an affair. I think that now and days people tend to get married to quickly with out really knowing their partner. I also think that it is almost to easy to get a divorce. People don^Rt have the same commitment to marriage as they used to, plus it is easier and more accepted to get divorced. To me the article came across as saying that you should not expect people to be faithful because it is not going to happen. I also have a hard time with this message. Maybe it^Rs naivete or maybe it^Rs wishful thinking but I do believe that people can be faithful to one another if they choose to be so. It takes a lot of work no doubt but I am one who believe it can happen.

-- Anonymous, November 09, 1998

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