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A friend of mine is director of claims processing for a large Blue Cross/Blue Shield. He said they are done with repairs and the testing will be done by the end of 98. They have generators of lights and computer systems and can hand process claims in a pinch. I trust that this info is true and correct,because of the source.

If the power is out for an extended period of time, the best laid plans will fail. Otherwise they will be ready to work on 1/4/00.

I know there are many "What if's", but at least some big businesses are making progress.

-- Bill (, November 09, 1998


Thansk for this information. Do you happen to know if BCBS has any plans for an independent (3rd party) audit of their remediation efforts? Also, have they published (or do they intend to publish) details of their remediation/testing methodologies (i.e what types or testing were performed, what dates, conditions, etc.)?

Any mention of their outsourced services?


-- Arnie Rimmer (, November 09, 1998.

Thats good news. Ask your friend if the testing was done on a dedicated "Time Machine" with aged databases.

-- R. D..Herring (, November 09, 1998.

there are two blue cross people moonlighting at my shop. they are helping us with y2k changes. they also work on y2k at blue cross. they are not done with their changes, neither are we. i can only speak for what i know about here in mt.

-- areseejay (, November 09, 1998.

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