What happened on November 7th

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We had a good turnout on the 7th; about 55 people -- which was up 15 from the last time. . . we had a brainstorming session giving everyone a chance to get their concerns out on the table. The group's highest priorities were identified -- they loosely fit into three categories: Community, Necessities, and Outreach. As a result, three teams were formed around these issues. Teams will be meeting the week of November 9th and will report at a full group meeting the following Saturday. (Room is not scheduled yet). We distributed a number of documents at the meeting: President Clinton's remarks on Y2K, several pages from the Albuquerque web site, and several pieces on individual preparation from the Cassandra site. About 25 people signed a thank you note to the City Manager of Taos, who helped get town sponsorship for this meeting. We will also send a note to the Mayor.

-- Anonymous, November 08, 1998

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