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Can anyone tell me if the Canon T80 is a good AF camera? I sure like the idea that I could still use my FD lenses on it. How does it compare to some of the EOS models? What, if any, are it's good and bad points? THANKS!

-- Jim Riesberg (, November 07, 1998


I read a review of it about a month ago, and the reviewer decided it was the worst camera ever made. I can't remember all of the reasons, but the fact that it was quickly abandoned by Canon should tell you something. I would think it would have more collector value than usability. If I can find the review I will post the URL. I think it was on a site run by someone named Chris Bitmead who sometimes posts to

-- Brad (, November 09, 1998.

Check out

-- Brad (, November 11, 1998.

The T-80's autofocus performance is mediocre, at best. However, the camera handles very well, and the audible focus conformation works well with FD lenses. It combines the best features of the AL-1 and the T-50. Not a bad body, really.

-- John Hufnagel (, June 13, 1999.

I love my Canon T80. I've had mine for over 13 years. It takes the most beautiful pictures. All my friends wish they could find one. I've never had any trouble with mine. I think it is a great camera.

-- Jill Zeigler (, February 27, 2002.

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