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Covey Comments

-- Anonymous, November 07, 1998


Covey Comments from Ch. 31 Principle- Centered Learning Environments, pages 302-312, submitted by Jill Katrin.

The Covey text talked about how society wants education to handle all of its deeper problems. I not only agree with this, but I can identify with it. I have been an educator for twelve years and I often feel overwhelmed with the variety of hats and roles I endeavor daily as a teacher of the 90s. I often feel more like a counselor than a teacher to some of my students. Can children learn to build trusting relationships in a home where trust doesnt exist? On top of this, how do we best meet the individual needs of all our students? Covey talked about using the facilitator concept to help meet individual needs. Students become more responsible for their own learning process and an attitude of learner versus master is created. I see the computers in our classrooms as one way of acting as a facilitator. After reading Coveys thoughts, I realized I had a better understanding of the importance of having a mission for anything. Reading over our school mission helped me understand my purpose as an educator.

-- Anonymous, November 11, 1998

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