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Y2k will be the topic on Town meeting channel 4 (ABC) Sunday night November 8th. This is a 1 hour show with questions from the audience. Time 6 pm PST

-- Martin Thompson (Martin@aol.com), November 07, 1998


So what happened? -Arnie

-- Arnie Rimmer (arnie_rimmer@usa.net), November 09, 1998.

The show was EXCELLENT!! The 2-man panel consisted of one for preparedness, the other barely concerned about any real Y2K problems. In the audience were men from the Pierce Co. Sheriff's Dept,, U.S. West, Bonneville Power, the banking system, SEATAC airport, and others, each of whom the host, Ken Schram, asked thoughtful questions, giving them time for complete answers. Schram is very good about getting audience participation. Last May, I sent an Email to the program ("Town Meeting") asking for a Y2K presentation. Last Tuesday, I had a call from the producer inviting me to come up for the taping. This great granny doesn't drive, round trip, 20 miles up to downtown Seattle and back, in the dark! He urged me to try and get family to drive me, but that wasn't possible. This a.m. I sent an Email complimenting them on the program, and suggesting a followup, especially after the Y2K "dress rehearsal" next April 1. By afternoon, the producer replied, saying they will have a followup, he will let me know, and hopes I can make it! We shall see..... This is the kind of program that needs to be presented in every city, town, hamlet, etc., in this nation!

-- Holly Allen (Holly3325@juno.com), November 09, 1998.

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