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I have a Sinar X camera with 5 lenses and I just got a 4x5 Wisner Technical. My dream is to do fine art photography but the Sinar X is to heavy to go outdoors. As you may know, my question is: Is there an adapter for sinar that can take wisner lens boards? If any body could help it will be greatly appreciated, thank you. Sergio

-- Sergio Perez (sergio.axis@sympatico.ca), November 07, 1998


I'd imagine any competant machinist could help you out, or you could D.I.Y. depending on your available tools, experience and guts. Buy a SINAR board and modify it to take your 4.25" Wisner board, making sure you keep it as light tight as possible, smoothing rough edges, maybe add some strips of felt for light traps and make sure that the interior is painted flat flat flat flat black.

Failing that, buy a SINAR board and ship it to Ron Wisner and pay him to solve the problem for you.

-- Sean yates (yatescats@yahoo.com), November 08, 1998.

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