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Sorry Richard, I think whatever you have must be contagious...
(to the tune "The Caissons Go Rolling Along")

Across the pond, it's Richard Dale
Writing songs and drinking ale,
While the coders are saying "So long!"
They'll be there soon, hear them shout,
But are they right?, doomsayers doubt,
(Cuz') software fixes can go tragic'ly wrong

Then it's tee! hee! hee!
Pollyanna history,
Don't you worry, nothing can go wrong,
For fuses won't blow,
With an incandescent glow
(And) the world will go rolling along.

Started late, a chance to fail
If it does, don't sit and wail
Diane asked us to sing happy songs.
Infomagic, hear him shout,
The end is near, he has no doubt
(He says) it's been in the cards all along.

Then it's Woe Is Me!
Cause there's no 'lectricity,
Oh Gary North, please sing a happy song.
And no matter where you go,
We'll all pray you're eating crow
(But) Software fixes can go tragic'ly wrong
(yeah) Software fixes can go tragic'ly wrong
(yeah) Software fixes can go tragic'ly wrong
(yeah) Diane asked us to sing happy songs....

-- Arnie Rimmer (, November 06, 1998


roses are red....violets are blue....the lights went lets go _______! Answer- "pitch some woo"

-- Don Juan (poet@butdon', November 06, 1998.

Arnie, ROFLOL!! My husband came to see what was so funny.

-- Gayla Dunbar (, November 07, 1998.

G'd on ya, Arnie! Great stuff!

-- Hardliner (, November 07, 1998.

Nice to know I'm "inspiring" people to write better stuff than mine! Hmmmmmmm I'll have to think of some new concept to keep one step ahead.

-- Richard Dale (, November 09, 1998.

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