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Need some advice... Imagine that you have nearly completed your Y2K preparations (as I have) and you get notice that you may or may not have to find some place else to live. You wont know till six months from now what the decision is. You have absolutely no control over the verdict. You have a 74year old mother, and a nearly totally disabled diabetic husband living with you and a full time $10 an hour job. What ought I to do next?

-- Ann (ZYAX55B@PRODIGY.COM), November 05, 1998


That happened to us -- the apt. manager hinted that our lease would not be renewed because they wanted to evict the lower level for "remodeling," i.e. some cosmetic touch-up so they could raise the rent. They wouldn't be specific because they wanted to drag it out and get our money as long as they could.

To be safe, start shopping now for a better place, safer for Y2K in fact, and start packing. You be in control, you make the moves, you find a place where you can get a lease, or buy, and know for sure you can stay put until 2001. Can your mother look after your husband while you seek another dwelling? If she is frail too, you might consider pooling all of your combined resources into a new place where all of you can live together + help each other through this.

Try not to have to quit your job. We'll all need $$cash. Maybe the nudge to relocate is a blessing in disguise. Anyway, it's easier and less stressful if you pack two boxes a day instead of all at the end. Good luck, A

-- Leska (, November 05, 1998.

If you do move get a place with a wood stove or fireplace. Heat in winter is at the top of my long list of important things to have. Good luck with your plans.

-- Bill (, November 06, 1998.

Are there other family members that can help with the burden of caring for your husband and mother while you find a place to relocate? If not, contact Hospice in your area they may have suggestions. Also, seek out a realtor to help you find another place to live. Start networking with friends for resources. Maybe where you live isn't really where you should be anyway. My mother is 75. She just got out of the hospital and is living with us. I know what you are going through and you have my sympathy. Good Luck.

-- bardou (, November 06, 1998.


Whatever you choose, pay close attention to the WATER supply, that's "king." Then food supply, heat, shelter, safety, etc... Collecting with a bigger "tribe" each with different skills is a good strategy too.


-- Diane J. Squire (, November 06, 1998.

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