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Covey review

-- Anonymous, November 05, 1998


Covey Discussion Comments

Stephen R. Coveys book Principle-Centered Leadership, in my opinion, is quixotic. It is a kind, noble and romantic approach, but in a way foolish and not practical to execute in an existing atmosphere. Selling his concept that everyone involved in leadership, or organization whether in the home, in a club, or society, or in business can organize and attacking the same encountered problems will be solved by practicing his principles are idealistic and impractical. It is one thing to paint the perfect picture than to implement it. His beliefs of creating team spirit and harmony among people, getting people and culture aligned with strategy then committing to it is theoretical but not practical without TRUST. I agree with his opinion of the need for trustworthiness at personal and interpersonal levels. Who wouldnt? Coveys philosophy of the value of developing personal and interpersonal meaningful relationships for a Total Quality environment is pragmatic. The rhetoric needs to be substantiated by demonstration of trust in the environment by a collaborative effort of all parties.

The environment I am employed at is an example of a malfunctioning or disruption to the productivity because of the lack of trust among board members, administration and educators. In my classroom I feel that positive reinforcement and a feeling of contribution and worth energies people. To extend trust building at all levels is overwhelming, but is badly needed to improve our working environment. Like Covey, I advocates gradual, step by step changes occur with one step at a time. Being an educator our next challenge will be much as Covey describes. How can we have a culture characterized by change, flexibility and continuous improvement and still maintain a sense of stability and security? Coveys Principle-Centered Leadership program implementation plan through the EMPOWERMENT process. -- Patricia Ross` (, November 04, 1998.

-- Anonymous, February 10, 1999

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