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I just received an email form the Y2K Weatherman. In it he says he will be cutting down on his messages. From reading his email, I felt he might be separating himself from the Y2K issue. This is just my opinion. It also seems that de Jagar and Sen. Bennett are doing the same. Just a couple of weeks ago I read a report where Sen. Bennett says his daughter is storing food in the garge. He does not say he tried to dissuade her. Now I read Sen. Bennett doesn't think we will have problems with the power. I am starting to wonder if we are all caught up in a hoax or something. It is all starting to be very confusing. Is anyone else having doubts?

-- Linda Arnold (adahi@muhlon.com), November 05, 1998



I personally don't think it is a hoax. I am trying to sort through the mass of overwhelming Y2K information, weed out the gloom and doomers, and come to the essence of its truth. I still dont know. None of us does, though I might guess at one government organization that does.

What I do know is, What is today's truth, is something different tomorrow.


-- Diane J. Squire (sacredspaces@yahoo.com), November 05, 1998.

I think many of them now feel remediation efforts will be successful enough to avoid TEOTWAWKI, and aren't interested in anything less. Don't worry, they will find a new disaster looming over us any day now, and will refuse to be taken to task on their old Y2K stuff - that doesn't count now - what is important is to worry about this new whatevertheheck and BTW if you don't buy my book you won't be prepared. Right now I expect between a 4 and a 5, could be less, probably won't be more.

-- Paul Davis (davisp1953@yahoo.com), November 05, 1998.

I've been actively working on a Y2K mainframe project for a year. In that time I've gone from an 8 to a 9. Y2K will be a mess. Sorry to rain on the parade.

-- Steve Francis (sfrancis@sympatico.ca), November 05, 1998.

When Gary North backs off, I'll know for sure we have all be suckered. I'm afraid all we can do is wait and see. Sometimes I wonder if this whole thing is brainwashing. I'm sure many others feel the same way. Sometimes I wish I'd never heard of Y2K. Ignorance truly is bliss.

-- Anit-chainsaw (Tree@hugger.com), November 05, 1998.


You're right about others feeling the same way. I do. It's surreal in the extreme to spend a session on the 'net, communicating with other Y2Kers, reading on-line newspapers about Y2K, etc. and then go and look out the window and see that everything looks just the same as before.

For me, it's a lot like getting seasick--your eyes tell your brain one thing and your ears tell it another. The result is that you want to (and sometimes do) puke.

-- Hardliner (searcher@internet.com), November 05, 1998.

Since last week's report was "WRP #99" don't you think Cory should've called this week's "WRP #00" just for ha has? To the subject at hand: as we move closer and closer to D-Day, and as this whole issue finally hits the radar screen of public awareness, the amount of misinformation is going to skyrocket. It's going to be extremely difficult to get the truth. Don't be befuddled by conflicting reports; they are to be expected. Focus on what you know for sure: 1) our prosperous society cannot be maintained without fast and accurate information systems, 2) these systems were built with a genetic defect and will break down unless repaired, 3) the technology industry, the people who must repair the systems, have a horrendous track record of completing projects on time, and 4) the deadline is fixed and immovable. The conclusion is obvious. Don't be distracted by the noise and clutter as we move through this most historic period of time. Keep your spirits up, stick to your guns (figuratively speaking), and keep on stocking away the canned food and fire wood. See ya on the other side...BD

-- bill dunn (bdunn@snet.net), November 05, 1998.

Focus on what you know. Think about the money trail. Truth is not far behind. Citibank spends $675 million. Total US cost probably over 300 billion. The bean counters don't think its a hoax and they have NO imagination.

-- R. D..Herring (drherr@erols.com), November 05, 1998.


You might want to read the e-mail again. As I understand it, he just does not have the time to devote to the newsletter like he did.

1)His job is taking up more time. (Consultants generally put in a lot of hours.)

2)He wants to get involved on a local level with his community.

3)He wants more time to prepare on a personal level. (But do you see how much he has already prepared? He's done more than I have to date.)

IMHO, just because he changed his mind about moving, only shows that he is looking at the issue in a rational manner and has moved beyond panic. (If I lived in a small town of 5,000, I would not want to move either.) He still has his "bug out" contingency plan.

Not to be critical, but I hardly read his message as a "bump in the road." I'm not sure what he used to say, since I only recently started receiving his newsletter, but the message looks pretty grim to me.

I have attached his newsletter for those who do not receive it.

Best Regards,


********************************************************************* Subj: Y2kWatch: Weatherman's Y2k Plans Date: 98-11-05 11:04:58 EST From: delenburg@yahoo.com (Weatherman) Sender: owner-y2k-news@y2kwatch.com Reply-to: editor@y2kwatch.com To: y2k-news@y2kwatch.com (post post) _________________________________________________________ FishNet: Internet service for business and ministry http://www.fni.com/ ********************************************************* Y2kWatch News - Information for Education and Preparation --------------------------------------------------------- Archive: http://y2kwatch.com/y2kman.htm November 5,1998 ********************************************************* Dear Readers,

As we approach the end of the year, my job responsiblities are taking more of my time. Although I wish I could be the "Y2k Weatherman" full time, I have a more than) full time job as a Y2k consultant to a major telecommunications company. I may be posting messages to this list less frequently and somewhat sporadically. I'll also be investing more time in local communities in the area where I live. However, I haven't given up the fight for Y2k information, education, and preparation.

Also, lest I be a hypocrite, I need to invest some time in my own somewhat neglected personal preparedness plans. I purchased a year supply of dehydrated food for my family back in 1997, acquired plenty of water storage barrels, reallocated my financial portfolio, upgraded security at my home, and purchased a generator, so it isn't like I haven't done anything! At one point I put my house on the market to move, but after praying about the issue, my wife and I decided that I had made the decision to move out of fear rather than guidance from the Lord. We have some "bug out" contingency plans now, but our plan is to ride out Y2k in the little town where we live. (I live in a town of less than 5,000 people.)

Believe it or not, I am a Y2k optimist. Perhaps I'm in denial, but I don't expect power grids or phones to go down and stay down. Still, the evidence points to many problems, so I felt that some personal preparedness insurance was an absolute necessity. (Note the preparations I have made...yet I am an optimist.) I think any rational, thinking individual would come to the same conclusions. I'm still amazed at how intelligent people can still deny the evidence that Y2k could impact them personally.

What do I think will happen? I won't be surprised if we have severe regional outages in the US, extensive problems in other countries, and a vast array of "domino effect" problems. But God only knows what will really happen. I think we'll get a lot of surprises in 1999. Some good. Many not so good. The first few weeks of 2000 will be most interesting!!

I won't be surprised if Y2k is an anti-climatic aftershock to a global financial meltdown which is already in progress. I also won't be surprised if the international bankers and politicians do whatever it takes to prop up failing economies until mid 1999 so they can blame Y2k for the problems.

My current personal perspective is that a nation wide failure of the regional power grids and telecommunications infrastructure is a low probability scenario for North America. My hope (and it is only a hope, no proof) is that the majority of the US and Canada will have power and at least local phone service for most of 2000. This is hardly good news. Even regional outages in electrical power and minor phone outages for a period of a few weeks will cause untold hardship to businesses. Massive unemployement is almost inevitable.

What if you happen to be in one of the unfortunate cities whose phones and electricity don't work?

What few people realize is that the Gary North scenario will result in MILLIONS of deaths, MASSIVE famine, social chaos, and martial law. (And we may get some of that in less severe scenarios as well.) The Y2k Weatherman scenario is not quite as gruesome as the North scenario, but it ain't no Sunday picnic either. Bottom line is that nobody really knows what will happen. THAT IS WHY YOU NEED PERSONAL PREPAREDNESS INSURANCE.

My biggest concern about Y2k is how people react to the problem. That is why I spend the time promoting INFORMATION, EDUCATION, and PREPARATION. Ignorance is our worst enemy.

Knowledge of the Truth will save you. [John 14:6]

Humbly in His Service,

The Y2k Weatherman )1998 by Y2kWatch.com +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ + Let us all prepare to serve, not just prepare to survive! + + Visit the Y2k Weatherman online bookstore: + + http://www.homestead.com/Y2kWeatherman/bookstore.html + +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

-- Anna McKay Ginn (annaginn@aol.com), November 05, 1998.

After reading the letter from the Weatherman, I have a sneaking suspicion he is getting to the point where I am. After over a year of this, it does get stressful. I don't blame him for taking a break.

-- Anti-chainsaw (Tree@hugger.com), November 05, 1998.

I may have jumped the gun on my conclusion that the Y2K Weatherman is jumping ship. After rereading yesterday's email and receiving another today, I have revised my opinion. I think he is getting overwhelmed with his undertaking. As more people become aware of the problem and start doing research, his site is one of the first they will hit upon. I just imagine his life is consumed by Y2K and since it is a negative subject, it must have an adverse effect on his life. I commend him for his dedication and the wealth of information he has shared.

I understand that he must take a break as we all should at times.

-- Linda Arnold (adahi@muhlon.com), November 06, 1998.

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