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This will be the site for Kevin Erickson's home page, submissions of work, etc.

-- Anonymous, November 05, 1998


Home-218-285-9598 Work-Phone-218-285-3479-Fax-218-634-1334

-- Anonymous, November 18, 1998

The art of Geniuses

-- Anonymous, January 04, 1999

Hi Timm, Tim and Kevin; Your topic should bring about some interesting results and it sounds like you have good support from your administration. You are being inclusive in your study, but just a few points - you need to list resources you will be using and in your 10-page proposal, be sure to follow the format suggested. Enjoy the process, Mary Ann

-- Anonymous, March 21, 1999

Hi Kevin, When you post an update of the mentor program, I can submit your grade. (I will be happy to look at an upgrade at any point - you don't even need extra mileage.) Seriously, let me know your intentions and I will be glad to assist you. Mary Ann

-- Anonymous, March 29, 1999

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