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Hi there, I had started burning VCD/CD-R and can't play it in a Sony VCD Payer. I tried to play it too with Pioneer and Aiwa Laser Disc (both VCD capable) but still it wont play. I just wanna know if someone has tried and succeeded playing VCD/CD-R in a dedicated VCD player? This site really helps a lot of VCD enthusiast - Sanju

-- sanjeev sharma (sanjeeviji@hotmail.com), November 05, 1998


Yes, in fact, Rem Gee asked nearly the same question under the "Making your own VCDs" section, "Can you play VCD/CD-R in a dedicated VCD player?" Jack Moy answered that his Panasonic SL-VP35 plays VCD/CD-Rs.

I'm glad the site is useful to you!

-- Russil Wvong (rwvong@geocities.com), November 05, 1998.

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