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Hi Folks,

I received this spam message recently. Can you beat that?

FREE 1 WEEK Trial offer (Limited Time!)

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Hi, my name is Laura , and I am a pornstar that has been in over 200 movies!! I am from the Czech Republic, and am blonde with green eyes, and am 5'11" with a drop dead body. I just hired the guys at xtv to build my new web site, and it is incredible, all sorts of interactive games, and movies, and other neat stuff. I am online 4 nights a week for you to chat live with me, and I can send pictures, and movies, and other things that you might like. We have shot over 10000 pictures for you to look at online, and I have lap dances, and an interactive massage parlor for you to rub me down in. Come check me out, you won't be sorry. Laura

-- Anonymous, November 05, 1998


Hi folks:

Not that I do not wish to visit that aite, but I am afraid that I would leave any trail that will provide prove for the local authority to nap me for visiting prohibitive sites.

OK, call me chicken.

-- Anonymous, November 05, 1998

Hello ChingKiat,

Priscilla is always very curious about this kind of thing. I think by now she should have visited that site. Why don't you check with her?

-- Anonymous, November 09, 1998

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