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I'm operating a brass locomotive with a Soundtraxx decoder installed. Performance is good except the motor noisy. I have tried to find an optimum setting in CV9 but with no luck. Soooo, is there a way to keep a can motor from buzzing during DCC operation?

-- Dale Kreutzer (, November 05, 1998



This is a slight side effect of the DCC decoder output to the motor being PWM, Pulse Width Modulation. It seems more of a problem with brass, as it seems to amplify this effect.

There are a few electronic circuits that will help cut this down. But most people I know who have worked on this, just put alittle single sided foam tape inside the shell/boiler area of the motor. You might want to try this first, it just seems to be a matter of getting the isloation such that the brass does not transmit it.

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-- Don Crano (, December 15, 1998.

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