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Covey Comments, pages 247 -248

Left Brain/Right Brain

Karen Rigdon Now that you have read the Covey text I pose the following question to you. How are you planning to develop the weaker hemisphere of your brain within the realm of your masters program plan? Did your Meyer-Briggs type letter #3 indicate that you are a thinker? Do you work more with logic, analysis, sequential thinking, and measurement? Then your challenge is to develop your creativity, intuition, holistic thinking, and artistry. Terry Anderson surprised me when he said that our supplementary reader did not have to be in our concentration. What an ideal opportunity to choose a book, journal, or set of videotapes that exercise the non-dominant brain hemisphere. Sister Wendy tapes for the mathematicians. The book "Emotional Intelligence" for computer experts. "PC Novice" for art and music teachers. The opportunity has been given. Make informed choices so that you do not progress in a "half-brained" manner.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 1998

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