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There have been a few references to "infomagic" on this forum. Would someone be kind enough to post a web address and/or some background for us newcomers? Thanks.

-- Dave W (, November 04, 1998


INFOMAGIC is a contributor to the c.s.y2k forum whom Cory Hamasaki quotes often when he wants a more ah, um, "sanguine" (in the original def'n) view of Y2K results.


-- chuck, etc (, November 05, 1998.

Here ya go, Dave,

Infomagic is currently one of the more literate and well-spoken contributors to the csy2k newsgroup. He's also the Doomiest and Gloomiest --- even more so than Milne. If Paul Milne has been called Gary North's Gary North, then Infomagic may be called Paul Milne's Paul Milne.

His collected Usenet writing can be found here: See, especially, his posts to the forum.

His latest has been included in Cory Hamasaki's Weather Report #100 which is available here: A must read.


-- Hallyx (, November 05, 1998.

Infomagic is not 'Paul Milne's Paul Milne'. I have intentionally refrained from discussing the 'worst' of all possible cases. Very little could be done to actually prepare for such a situation. It is incomprehensible to most people. Actually, experience has shown me that even trying to get people to have two weeks worth of food is incomprensible to the majority. The only thing that can reasonably be done is to suggest to folks that they have a substantial amount of food and related supplies on hand and be out of populated areas. This is a distillation of preparedness. 'Substantial' does not mean two weeks or even one month's worth of food. In my opinion that does not scratch the surface. It would be like bringing an umbrella to a Tsunami. Getting out of populated areas is more important, in my opinion, than stocking up food in a populated area. having supplies while surrounded by the unprepared multitudes is suicidal and moot.

At very best, I mean BEST, we can expect a depression far worse than the thirties. If a 'worst' case scenario unfolds, then preparations will afford you a better 'chance' of survival, but I do not hazard a guess as to how much better a chance. What signifigance do you attach to two years worth of food if you are in the path of a radiation cloud from a malfunctioning nuclear plant? (if such a thing 'could' occur)

-- Paul Milne (, November 08, 1998.

Paul Milne, your posts are too optimistic.

What is the basis for my statement? My experiences, travels, combined with reading thousands of books.

-- trying to forget (, November 08, 1998.

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