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OK, ACCEPTED, with one question, I see you as coordinating the newspaper and quality control of the articles and content for the whole year as well as submitting an article or two?, Terry A. ******************************************************************** I am contracting for the letter grade A. For the A criteria, I have secured a monthly column in our local news- paper for our cohort to have a communication connection with our community. I will prepare a handout with guidelines for the column. We also have a general guidelines handout from the Daily Journal which I will distribute to our group. I will write the kick off introduction article in November. Group members will then volunteer to write for the following months. Articles will include photographs of contributing authors. Articles will be clipped from the paper and placed with our other works.

For B criteria, I will participate in Rotary's PROJECT STRIVE teen mentoring program. The project is targeted at seniors who are not meeting their maximum potentials academically. I will attend three two hour mentor training sessions in preparation for a one on one mentoring relationship. My role to date has been to recruit mentors, mentees, plan the monthly breakfast meetings with the students, prepare jokes and activities for the meetings, make reminder phone calls, buy gifts for door prizes for the students, and research statistics on the net. I will document everything I do in the program and prepare a notebook each quarter. This obligation is for one year.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 1998

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