UTNE Reader Project June 98

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UTNE Reader Project June 98

-- Anonymous, November 04, 1998


In response to "Heavy Metal Garden" by Amy Adams, an article from the UTNE Reader; I was very excited to read about how Mel Chin has used weeds to clean toxic land. He first envisioned fashioning contaminated soil into a work of art, after reading an article in "Whole Earth Review. He stated there is a poetic idea that something that is dead can come back to life again. He and Rufus Chaney (an agronomist,with a passion for phytoremediation [plants absorbing pollutants from the soil], designed a revival field. They found the best plant was a member of the mustard family. Now companys all over the world are getting into the act. This brought to my mind what was said by Jesus that the kingdom of heaven was like a mustard seed which is least of all seeds but when it grows up it is the greatest of all herbs and the birds lodge in its branches.

-- Anonymous, November 11, 1998

The species of mustard plant that Chin and Chaney use has white flowers. As educators, we can truly say,"The fields are white for harvest". We can continue to plant seeds of hope to detoxify the earth of abuse and despair. as we gather the birds of goodness and mercy in our branches,enlightening ourselves and our sphere of influence

-- Anonymous, November 13, 1998

Bruce, I also read the same article. There have always been wonderful relationships between artists, plant growers and religion. It might be fun for future students involved in some kind of outdoor project, art project, or gardening project, and linking ideas together. Have you located the Sister Wendy tapes? I hope you have a chance to look at the whole series, including the interview with Bill Moyers.

Have a Merry Christmas and happy new year. Terry

-- Anonymous, December 21, 1998

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