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My Contract for Grade 98-99

-- Anonymous, November 04, 1998


PROVISIONAL ACCEPTANCE, TERRY A. Jill, the mentoring project should carry you thru the whole year,but I think you might need an additional project, the newspaper article is not a major project for the year, are you submitting articles for just one or two issues? Let's continue to discuss, Terry A.


I am contracting for the A letter grade. I will be doing the following:(Criteria for B)- I am participating in a mentor program with School District #361 called "Wrap Around." Our first training meeting was held on Tuesday, October 6. Our group will continue to train for a few more weeks before we begin mentoring. I will keep a journal of my training sessions,and my contact visits with the student/s I will be mentoring. (Criteria for A) - I will be publishing an article about volunteers in our schools in our local newspaper, The Daily Journal. This article will be published in December. Our cohort group has a column all set for monthly published articles.

Answered by Jill M. Katrin

( on October 07, 1998.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 1998

Hello Jill!

Your contract is accepted for an A for this term. How many cohort members will be working on the volunteerism article for December publication? You will participate for the full year in the Mentorship Program and write and publish one article in the Daily Journal. You need one more project for spring term to earn the A.

Thank you.

Mary Ann Rotondi & Mary Jean Menzel

-- Anonymous, November 16, 1998

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