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My contract for Grade

-- Anonymous, November 04, 1998


My revised contract for grade:

"A" I will be writing a grant sponsored by the Toyota Company. This grant will benefit my classroom in that it will allow for new science equipment and financial support for innovative speakers and ideas.

"B" I would like to write and reflect on a workshop I attended concerning Learning Styles.

-- Anonymous, November 11, 1998

Hello Beth!

Please include specifics on the workshop you attended. You should post a 2-3 page reflection paper on the Web and post it under your category and type the subcategory as Special Projects to be Shared with the IF Cohort.

Please include specifics on the grant, i.e. When is it due? How much are your asking for? How many pages is the grant application? Will the process be complete by January 30, 1999?

Thank you.

Mary Ann Rotondi Mary Jean Menzel

-- Anonymous, November 13, 1998

Additional Information for Beth's Contract Grade

Jill Herzig and I are writing a grant together. Our first submission is due January 15, 1999. The grant will be 10-15 pages long. We would like to use this grant to supplement are middle school science program. We have already contacted Voyagers National Park, who have agreed to work with us on this grant proposal. We are applying for the amount of $10.000. We will follow up on this proposal after January, whether we receive this grant or not, in hopes of learning more about successful grant writing.

-- Anonymous, November 18, 1998

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