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Contract for Grade

-- Anonymous, November 04, 1998


Tina Meyers

Rainy River Community College

To complete the criteria for a B, I will read "School's Out - Hyperlearning, The New Technology, and The End of Education" by Lewis J. Perelman. To document this criterion I will post a summary and reaction to the text on my web page.

To complete the criteria for an A, I will teach the cohort members my specialty area - computer technology. I have introduced Windows Basics, File Organization, and Word Processing Basics in WORD 7. The syllabus allows for future computer training sessions and I will collaborate in those sessions. I also plan on continuing to be available to assist cohort members for the remainder of this program.

-- Anonymous, November 06, 1998

Hi Tina, Your grade contract sounds very appropriate and it is great to have someone on site who is willing to share expertise in technology. Perhaps you can discuss with Terry how you can facilitate the technology portion over the winter break as he will be there on Wednesday, December 16th. Also, I share with Mary Jean about your work on your portfolio during break. Thank you, Mary Ann

-- Anonymous, December 12, 1998

To fulfill the B portion of the contract for grade I would like to continue to work with other students in the cohort regarding technology questions and concerns.

To fulfill the A portion of the contract for grade I discussed with Mary Ann Rotundi tracking progress/regression that the orientation team may experience. The orientation team has met since last summer and revised the course outline as well as the syllabus, cooperative learning activities and portfolio development. I will be accumulating information and keeping a log of the ongoing process the orientation course team experiences.

-- Anonymous, March 03, 1999

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