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OK ACCEPTED, WITH QUESTION. 10/11/98 Tim, your proposal makes sense and takes advantage of your interests and expertise. I would assume you would see these as minor projects and will be submitting contiuations or new proposals for spring?, Terry A.

(B Criteria) :

I plan on representing cohort members on the Governance Team that will be meeting monthly for 1-2 hours. I intend on keeping a journal of the information that is discussed at the meetings and can post them on the discussion page.

(A Criteria) :

I will teach the cohort my specialty area. I introduced the cohort to the web page on September 26th and will be instructing on Wednesday October 7th at RRCC. I will be available to help the cohort members with whatever I can. I am planning on teaching portions of upcoming classes to practice our computing skills and to introduce new information. Terry, I do plan on continuing to serve on the Governance Team for the duration of the program if possible. This would serve as my B Grade work for spring quarter this year and both quarters next year as well. I also looked at the syllabus for the remainder of the year and see that there will be additional computer training sessions during the year. I would like to continue to work with the cohort regarding computer use and would like to use this for my A Grade work for the spring quarter. Please let me know if this is acceptable. Thanks, Tim Everson

November 4, 1998

I have contacted the UMD library and have made arrangements to have any library materials that we need sent to the Falls Public Library. The materials may be picked up and dropped off at the library. E-mail your requests to Mags David at the following e-mail address:

-- Anonymous, November 04, 1998


Hi Tim, After reviewing your proposal and being aware how you are providing technical assistance and actual classes for your cohort colleagues, it seems to me that all of theses portions are very appropriate for your contracted grade of "A" for both years. (Of course, the requirements for a "C" are understood.) I would suggest that you document the time you spend on a very simple sheet with several columns including date, place and purpose of contact, time spent and any other information that you would like to include. At the conclusion of each year, you would summarize(in 2-3 pages) your experiences and insights etc. to submit as a record of your work. I hope this clarifies your contract. Please let me know if you have any questions. Mary Ann

-- Anonymous, December 15, 1998

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