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I am posting a copy of a letter I sent to concerned community members outlining my opposition to the proposed school closures as well as my opposition to the entire process for making closure decisions.

Dear friend,

Ottawa City Council is extremely concerned about the impact of the proposed school closures on our communities. A report, approved by Council on October 7, 1998 expresses our concerns with both the impact on the quality of life in our communities, and the direct impact on City of Ottawa facilities and programs. Council voted to support my motion asking the Provincial government to agree to extend the time frame for consultation, developing recommendations and decisions on school closures, so that community and municipal concerns can be realistically evaluated and incorporated.

The Provincial government's refusal to extend the time frame so that these very important discussions can take place in a meaningful way in our community, shows that the Harris government is not interested in meaningful consultation and evaluation of community needs. This is yet another example of how the Harris government's bottom- line driven agenda is impacting on the things that are most important to us. I will continue to work from a municipal perspective to support our community's demands that the future of schools be determined in the context of the importance of community schools to our quality of life, and indeed to the very existence of our neighbourhoods Please do not hesitate to contact my office if there is any information you need from a municipal standpoint, or if there is other support that I can provide on this important issue.


Elisabeth Arnold

-- Anonymous, November 04, 1998

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