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Covey Text Comments

Submitted by Tim Everson

After reading the Covey text, I have come away with mixed emotions. I totally agree that great leaders have a strong set of principles that they stick to. These principles include trustworthiness as the basis. I think that trust is the underlying bond in all relationships. I also like how Covey states that all change must come in gradual steps, with the first of these steps involving a person getting their personal life in order. Quick and easy change probably isnt based on correct principles.(p. 29)

The idea of sharpening the saw also made a lot of sense. A person must continually strive to learn more and make changes accordingly as they grow older. Hopefully these changes will come based on new wisdom gained. I think it is important as teachers to model this to our students so they see that their education doesnt end the day they graduate from high school.

I do have a problem with his belief that following correct principles alone, will inspire employees or students at all levels to excel. I believe that following these principles will help, but not alone. In business I feel that money and power are the major driving forces for many employees. To think that money and power arent the major forces is ridiculous. He does finally mention toward the end of the book (p. 296) that economic well-being tied with quality of life is a major driving force.

I think that as educators, it is vital that we demonstrate our belief in values and principles to our students. In an age with many broken homes and poor home lives, the school is the main source of values and morals for many students. I think educators can make a great difference in the final outcomes of many of their students. It is sad to see that the schools and teachers are now responsible for things that should have been learned at home. However, we must face the times and do what we can to help our young people achieve to their greatest potential. We cant let ourselves get to the point where we just want to make it through the day (p. 303), we must keep the end result in mind and keep striving to reach it.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 1998


Response to Covey Comments

Submitted By: Tim Everson

I found reading the Covey book discussions to be very thought provoking. I think that the objective of this reading assignment was to do just that. There were many different reactions and some of them caused me to question my own reactions to the book. Even though this would not have been my book of choice to read, I have come away with new ideas that I will in small ways integrate into my life both professionally and personally.

-- Anonymous, November 23, 1998

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