Dalton McGuinty commitments

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Dalton McGuinty will repeal Bill 160

Ontario Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty has made a series of commitments to improve education in Ontario. He says he will make education a priority. Here's a list of his education commitments so far:

*These commitments are contained in First Steps,the report from Dalton McGuinty's Task Force on Children. For more information about these and other commitment's regarding Ontario's children, please call (416) 325-7155 for a copy of the report or write to us at Room 325, Main Legislative Building, Queen's Park, ON M7A 1A4.

The above information was handed out in a brochure at our CWG's presentation to the Board on Tuesday, Nov 3. The local constituency office phone number is (613) 736-9573. There is also a web-site that has more detail on this and other issues: www.ontarioliberal.on.ca. None of the opinions expressed in the above or on the web-site of the liberal party are necessarily endorsed by the administrators of this site. Other political affiliations are also more than welcome to post their concerns regarding the educational issues before us. We aim to keep this web-site an open forum for discussion of all concerned individuals.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 1998

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