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Shelby, if you change your "or" to an "and" you have a deal. For the contract grade for the "A" it should take care of the whole year. My only concern is that the grant project stated that the project is almost complete Terry A ******************************************************************* "B" Criteria--I will be participating in the Wrap Around Program which is a collaborative between School District #361 and Koochiching County. This program is a year round mentoring program with elementary children. I will be journaling after each visit with the child along with taking a training program through the county explaining mentoring participation. "A" Criteria--I will participate in a grant writing collaborative with the Reducing Rural Violence Committee. This committee has been in the process of working together for the past year to find curriculum, procedures, or strategies to reduce violence in the classroom, on the playground, and in the hallways. We are now at the end where we are ready to submit our grant for $20,000. OR

"A" Criteria - I will present at a School Age Child Care conference for St. Louis County. This training will present ideas to entertain school age children along with their developmental levels. This presentation will be to day care providers, foster care providers, and family day care providers. I will present this information in writing.

Answered by sdowty ( on October 07, 1998.

-- Anonymous, November 04, 1998


Revised grading contract (11-15-98):

"B"Criteria - Mentor in Koochiching County's Wrap Around program. Presently, I am mentoring two students weekly.

"A" Criteria - Write grant for Reducing Rural Violence Committee to Steve Ward (Reducing Rural Violence/Center for School Change) along with extended grant proposal written to Parent Task Force (Koochiching County)to set up Responsive Classroom Workshop to take place in International Falls in August 1999. AND Facilitate SEED (Seeking Educational Equity and Diversity) workshop monthly for nine month to ISD #361 employees (three hours and month).

Term II Contract Grading:

"B" Criteria - Year-long mentoring Wrap Around Program through Koochiching County.

"A" Criteria - Attend Center for School Change Conference in February. I will write up a 2-3 page summary of workshop for other cohort members and post on web page. AND Facilitate at SEED conference at the state level in small group. I have been asked to assist in this facilitation of small group. If it is does not work out, then I will use my ISD #361 SEED training to report on for "A" criteria.

-- Anonymous, November 15, 1998

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