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PROVISIONAL ACCEPTANCE, TERRY A. Jill, the mentoring project should carry you thru the whole year, but I think you might need an additional project, the newspaper article is not a major project for the year, are you submitting articles for just one or two issues? Let's continue to discuss, Terry A. ****************************************************************** I am contracting for the A letter grade. I will be doing the fol- lowing: (Criteria for B)- I am participating in a mentor program with School District #361 called "Wrap Around." Our first training meeting was held on Tuesday, October 6. Our group will continue to train for a few more weeks before we begin mentoring. I will keep a journal of my training sessions and my contact visits with the student/s I will be mentoring. (Criteria for A) - I will be publishing an article about volun- teers in our schools in our local newspaper, The Daily Journal. This article will be published in December. Our cohort group has a column all set for monthly published articles. Answered by Jill M. Katrin ( on October 07, 1998. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jill, would you be proposing the grant project for the whole year and the Learning styles conference for this term. You would then need an additional project for spring, ? That is then 2 minor and one major project? How would you present the Learning Stuff to the group?, a one hour presentation? Terry A. ********************************************************** "B" Criteria - Document participation in an inservice program on "Learning Styles." "A" Criteria - Write a grant for my school to expand the Reading curriculum to include newspapers and other media. Answered by Jill Herzig ( on October 07, 1998. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

-- Anonymous, November 04, 1998

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