Home Depot and Lowe's in January of 1999

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Mentioned some of this in an earlier thread, but just so everyone sees it...

Home Depot and Lowe's rollover into their new fiscal years in January of 1999 (probably at the end of the month). This would be a good time to stock up on even more of those "home improvement" items.

It might also be informative to go in Lowe's or Home Depot the first few days of February and strike up a conversation with a clerk about Y2K. You'll hear a story that will repeat itself more and more throughout 1999.

-- Kevin (mixesmusic@worldnet.att.net), November 04, 1998


Kevin, I think it deserves repeating too! Hopefully nothing will come to pass and we can all pack up and go home......I offer food for thought and I'm sorry if I ramble....I think from reading here and elsewhere that there are differing perceptions of a 7-10 scenario. The idea to some that this whole thing is kinda like a nationwide hurricane strike or flood. By that I mean that "yeah, it will be bad all over but if we just make everyone aware, if enough companies and agency are remiadiated or close we will muddle through this" .....

Now what I'm about to say will seem selfish or pessimistic or short sighted to some. However,I am of the opinion at this late date that the government is not here to help. If they were we would have seen national campaigns long ago educating the general masses. That when the majority becomes aware everyone will head for the gates at the same time. If you are not ready you better be in short order. It is already hard to get certain "esoteric" things. My brother and I ordered a propane powered refrigerator awhile back, the normal turn around at that time was about two weeks, it has been almost three months and we are still waiting. When the light goes on it will be hard find things such as lanterns, wood stoves, batteries etc, etc. I wish for EVERYONE to be ready but, it ain't going to happen. I view it far better to have pockets of preparedness or near preparedness than no one being prepared and being totally dependent on what the government may or may not have to offer. I do not view the government as the white knight in this situation.

The economy is a whole nother story. I hope that most people realize what a house of cards this is. Talk about the domino effect. You better get a good grasp of the Bank of America story or the other banks around the world in the last few years. Faith and perception are what make it or keep it as it is. Computers have allowed for fairy tale manipulations. The national and for that matter international economy are DEPENDANT on the computer. Can you say whiplash......

Hopefully, This whole thing has been blown out of proportion, But if it really is a 7-10. I think quite a few people have no idea of the road that lies ahead.


-- CP (Spoonman@prodigy.net), November 04, 1998.

Our Home Depot has been out of generators for over two months. There is a sign saying they have been allocated to other stores due to floods, hurricanes, etc... Costco has them in stock, but the time will come when they will all be out of stock.

-- Bill (bill@microsoft.com), November 04, 1998.

If you have an Army surplus store in your area, check with them on generators, propane tanks, etc. We have a huge one near us and they have anything you want for surviving.

-- bardou (Bardou@baloney.com), November 05, 1998.

Hey Kevin, The idea of getting those improvements is a good idea. As an associte of Home Depot here in Tampa. My I suggest; Batteries of all sizes and portable lanterns . They also have BBQ grills and the small ones for camping. Don't forget the propane bottles,located in Hardware Dept. In Plumbing Dept there's a neat water filter system for the whole house by Omni($29.00 ). Of course there's battery operated tools.like drills and saws. Inside garden has all the gardening tools you will need also,along with small size propane bottles for BBQ's,but i found that UHAUL has a 30lb bottle for $30.00 Which is not bad considering that RV dealers have them for $68.00 same size. You mentioned generators,check out RV dealers for used ones,sometimes they do have some laying around. Most of the associates I have been happy to work with for the past 1.5yrs do know about Y2K,at least at our store. But alot of them aren't buying that the whole system will go down. Even HD in their stock report mentions info concerning Y2K causing situations that will need looking into concerning vendors and others. But my last day w/ HD will be soon, I'm making my move North and taking my stock w/me, to cash out later. Your idea of the small additions to supplies is very good. Good luck to you.

-- Furie (furieart@gte.net), November 11, 1998.


I definitely plan to do some more "home improvement" shopping in the near future. Before February too, when Home Depot and Lowe's both rollover into their new fiscal years. If they haven't made their systems compliant by then, they will both have accounting problems at that time.

Even if you're leaving Home Depot, do you think you could find out for us in February how their bookkeeping and accounting systems are holding up?

Thanks for the tip on their more useful items.

-- Kevin (mixesmusic@worldnet.att.net), November 11, 1998.

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